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Looking for Change? Look Within!

#Iamlookingforchange, ranked on top in terms of what we were looking for in 2020.

We all wanted change in our lives. Holistic wellness is what we want.

Suresh called me, hoping I'd have a #magicmantra!

S: I am badly looking for a change.

Me: Why badly? (coming soon)

S: I've been here for a while, now Time to move on!

Me: Okay, Have you looked within?

S: What do you mean?

Me: Answers to most of what we are looking for externally lies within.

S: I've been applying for jobs, but not getting any interview calls. (He isn't the only one)

#COVID19 has changed the way we search for jobs.

1) What's your #purpose? Why do you do what you do?

2) Why do you want to change? What's your "WHY"

2) Does your CV talk about who you are? Or merely sum of all responsibilities? Seek professional help.

3) Competition is at its peak today. How will you respond to, Why should I hire you?

4) Interviews. Virtual ones are here to stay. What's your 1-minute elevator pitch?

5) Most jobs are never advertised. Networking is inevitably the best way to land a new job. How strong is your network? If not, start Now!

6) What is your COVID19 story. List all that you have done to sail through the last 12 months?

This 2021, use this #toolkit for your job search!

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